Para la interpretación del teatro como construcción visual
(The Interpretation of Theater as Visual Construction)
Juan Villegas

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     The Interpretation of Theater as Visual Construction (Para la interpretación del teatro como construcción visual) proposes a strategy to interpret both dramatic and theatrical texts as cultural and visual phenomenon. Villegas outlines and defines key concepts regarding the study of theater as a visual art and provides a summary of the past and present trends in theater in order to analyze the relationship between culture and theater in light of  the cultural community and its system of values. Special attention is placed on analysis of the dramatic text, with an emphasis on the dramatic construction and its implied visual representation.

    Villegasís point of departure is the concept of social theatricality; understanding theater as a visual phenomenon requires attention to the production, reproduction, and the process of aesthetic legitimization of visual images within a cultural community. The proposed strategy is also applicable to other theatrical and visual practices, such as religious or popular festivals,  political or sports theatricalities, marketing, sculpture, or painting, The theoretical concepts and the strategies for analysis are mainly demonstrated with examples from the Hispanic world. The book includes a practical guide for the analysis of social theatricality, theatrical texts, dramatic texts, and other visual cultural objects.
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